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FP Southern are a Royal Mail approved supplier of franking machines in the UK.
We have been trading since 1988 and we have thrived by providing outstanding customer service.
Whether you are looking to change your franking machines supplier or looking for your first franking machine, we are on hand to offer first class advice and service.

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We match our customers needs with the right mailroom equipment to optimise the workflow and cost savings in their mailroom.

If you are a smaller business and currently using stamps here are some of the benefits
of buying or leasing a franking machine:

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Mailmark is the latest franking technology. Find out about the benefits of using Mailmark and whether you should consider switching to Mailmark in 2015

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  • Substantial postage discounts save you money
  • Franked mail gives a more professional image
  • Incorporate advertising messages or return address
  • Re-credit your franking machine on-line 24 hours a day
  • No more wastage of postal stamps - lost or torn
  • Individual cost centres allow for departmental accounting and reporting
  • Increased security
  • Royal Mail will treat your mail as business mail
  • A franking machine will speed up your mailroom processing
  • 'Smart' franking machines mean you can claim back your VAT

If you are not happy with the cost or the level of service from your current franking machine supplier, here's why you should consider coming to FP Southern........
We believe that looking after our existing customers and keeping them happy is the key to success. We have been doing this since 1988 works.

We are a Royal Mail approved supplier and maintain a very high knowledge of the postal industry and our franking machines. We offer first class product advice and service support from our office in Berkshire.